Epic Asia Films takes to the streets of London to research ‘Cockney Ninja’ rumour

cockney ninja DVD distribution label Epic Asia Films is exploring a rumour of a quirky spin on a new martial arts character and are keen to canvas public opinion.

On hearing a rumour of a ‘Cockney Ninja’ franchise the Epic Asia team took to the streets of London to do a quick poll of members of the public. The video interviews went live today and can be seen here: http://www.facebook.com/EpicAsiaFilms

A spokesperson from Metrodome Distribution said: “Could Cockney Ninja be a new martial arts hero? We wondered if it could embrace the best elements of fighting arts movies and combine them with aspects of traditional cockney culture, creating a combat based story with an East London twist and set amongst some of the Capital’s iconic landmarks. Our initial research showed some genuine, if amused, interest, but now we want to hear from film fans across the UK to see what people really think.”

Do you think Cockney Ninja is a right touch or a load of old pony? Have your say here: http://www.facebook.com/EpicAsiaFilms

Epic Asia is part of Metrodome Distribution, which, whilst still a relatively young label has become renowned for cult martial arts and combat indie flicks such as ‘Legend of the Fist’, ‘Blood Warriors’ and ‘Aftershock’ and has a dedicated fan base which continues to grow.


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