Curse comes to the UK

The Asian supernatural horror Curse is set to arrive on UK shores in the coming months.

Set in on the Island of Pulau Hantu in the south of Singapore, Curse tells the terrifying tale of a military squad sent to an island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of soldiers. In the process, they accidentally disturb a burial site, unleashing a terrifying supernatural curse – hence the name of the film.

curse horror

The film is directed by Esan Sivalinhgam who cut his teeth on TV productions before embarking on the project.
Sivalinhgam said of the shoot: “We expected it to be one hell of an adventure but it turned out to be the adventure from hell”. The crew were faced with torrential downpours, extreme temperatures, the discovery of a real burial site and venomous reptiles – all of which must have made them wonder whether there was a real curse at work.
In addition to that censorship issues proved to be an obsticle and it was a miracle the film was completed within its fifteen-day schedule.

Grayson Pictures is to give a UK DVD release to the rarely seen Singaporean military chiller on Sept 10, 2012.
We’ll keep you informed of further news.



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