Cannibal Girls comes to DVD for the first time in the UK!

From the director of Ghostbusters, Ivan Reitman, and the producer of Hangover, Daniel Goldberg comes a rare, sexy feast of a film from 1973.

Released by Nucleus Films who recently brought us the brilliant Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide on Mon Feb 14, 2011, this 70s cult classic can finally be appreciated in all its uncensored flesh-eating glory in a remastered and restored collector’s edition packed with stunning extras and including the infamous ‘Warning Bell’!

In the isolated town of Farnhamville the locals still talk of the legend of Anthea, Clarissa and Leona, three stunningly beautiful girls, who seduced men, lured them to their grisly deaths, and then ritualistically consumed their flesh in a strange rite to keep themselves young and beautiful forever. For Cliff (Eugene Levy from the American Pie series) and Gloria (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), a young couple on a travelling holiday, this legend is about to become a sickening reality….for the legendary local man-eaters are about to add something new to the menu….

So get ready to meet the CANNIBAL GIRLS. Cute, cuddly and carnivorous, they love every man they meet and the meat on every man!



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