Buy a horror DVD, get a cool poster

Love Horror Love Scary Okay, so we do go on about A LOT. Especially recently with all the competitions that we have running.
But, this new offer definitely deserved a little mention.

Play have got some excellent new horror offers going (Zombieland for £4.99 to name but one). But now they’re also giving away a cool poster with each sale, and there are 8 to choose from.

In the area called ‘Love Horror’ (nothing to do with us, honest) you can see the ‘Love Scary’ poster, which I am already hoping to see on a wall here at Love Horror Towers very soon.
Not to detract from the point that actually, there are some great bargains to be had too.
Ooooh, and you could win a £50 voucher if you shop there via us! 🙂


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