Brand new Juan of the Dead Clip

Juan of the Dead We loved the Cuban comedy Zom-Com Juan of the Dead and after you see the new clip, showing the chaos in the Havana streets once the outbreak takes hold, we think you will be too.

The zombie movie world has yet to witness one last stand; Cuba. In the middle of what official media refers as isolated incidents provoked by dissidents paid by the US government, in a Havana filled with flesh eating zombies, one hero, Juan,comes to rescue.

The only way to beat them is destroying their brains, so Juan realizes there is an upside to this situation, he can confront them making some money out it… Juan adopts the motto “we kill your beloved ones”… a reasonable price, and by doing so begins with this business/adventure that evolves into this cuban zombie comedy that has great fun for all your beloved ones.

Check out the clip below and read the full review Here:


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