Controversy abounds as the BBFC decide to ban Trinity X’s upcoming release THE BUNNY GAME. The recently formed DVD genre distribution arm of UK-based film distributor Trinity, today described the BBFC’s decision to ban THE BUNNY GAME as “disappointing, worrying and sad”.

Mark Sandell, co-director of Trinity, who acquired the film during Cannes this year, went on to say: “We knew the film was challenging and confrontational, but also felt, as a independent filmmaker, Adam Rehmeir (the director), had a highly original filmic eye and had elicited powerful performances from the cast. We did imagine that the BBFC might ask for cuts but an outright ban gives the film a twisted notoriety that, quite frankly, it doesn’t warrant”.

Adam Rehmeier, the director commented : “Rodleen and I didn’t make ‘The Bunny Game’ to glamorise prostitution. It is far from an erotic film. It is a modern cautionary tale grounded in reality.” Trinity are currently considering its options.

THE BUNNY GAME, which has been described as ‘taking psychological and physical terror to new extremes’ centres around a drug-addicted prostitute, Bunny, played by Rodleen Getsic, who is kidnapped by a truck driver (Jeff Renfro) and subjected to a harrowing series of sadistic and torturous ‘games’.

Trinity X recently released Simon Rumley’s acclaimed RED WHITE & BLUE, and have three more titles planned for release early 2012, to be announced soon.


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