A Couple of Clips from The Violent Kind

The Violent KindOn DVD in the UK from 25th July 2011. Brace yourself for a hallucinatory, high-octane ride through the twisted minds of The Butcher Brothers (‘The Hamiltons’), as they join forces with the producers of ‘Halloween’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ to create a new kind of horror — The Violent Kind.

Life is carefree for members of the Crew, a tough North Cal biker gang, who like nothing more than to drink, gamble and fight at their remote hangout. But when hell comes a-calling in the guise of a deviant gang, missing for 50 years, the Crew are unprepared for the unholy terror that lies ahead. The rules of life and death become meaningless as they fight to survive the ensuing madness that threatens to shatter their minds and consume their souls.


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