British Hen-Do Horror Set for Digital Release

Underground horror 2024

Underground, a new British thriller directed by Lars Janssen, is set to make its digital debut in the UK on February 26. Co-written and produced by Charlotte Dawn Potter, this award-winning film is a found-footage horror that unfolds a tale of a hen-do trip that takes a sinister turn.

Based on allegedly true events, Underground narrates the story of a group of friends celebrating a a last night of freedom for the bride-to-be. The plot quickly spirals into a nightmare as a wrong turn leads them to be trapped in a sinister underground location. This setting, fraught with terror, challenges the characters to face unimaginable horrors.

The film’s uniqueness lies in its setting – the haunting underground hospital in Guernsey, a location with a dark history dating back to the Second World War. This site, used during the Nazi occupation for both medical purposes and ammunition storage, adds a chilling authenticity to the movie’s atmosphere.

Underground horror 2024

Critics have already begun to take notice of Underground with many saying it manages to create a dreadful atmosphere, particularly for a low-budget film.

Fangoria magazine has recently included Underground in its list of ‘five horror films to watch out for’. This recognition underscores the film’s anticipated impact on the horror movie scene.

As the film gears up for its digital release, hopes are high that this will be a thrilling addition to the new wave of British horror horror releases. Underground not only offers a compelling plot but also pays homage to a historical site, blending real-world horrors with fictional terror. After all, we’ve all heard at least one horror story about a hen or stag party right?

You can watch the trailer for Underground below. We would love to read your thoughts in the comments section.

Underground trailer

YouTube video

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