Saving a marriage during a zombie apocalypse is not an easy task in ZOO

Zoo is a black comedy about humans and the way they act when the world falls apart outside their doorstep.

Karen and John have lost the spark of married life the day they were notified that they were unable to conceive. Now they almost live like the walking dead, imprisoned by everyday life and on the verge of divorce. When the world is hit by a pandemic that really turns people into the “living dead”, the couple have to lock themselves in their apartment, waiting for rescue. While the world outside is falling apart, they are forced to find their way back to each other and reclaim their lost love.

Writer & director Antonio Steve Tublén says “Zoo is a black comedy about humans and the way they act when the world falls apart outside their doorstep. How they, on the one hand choose to stay in familiar patterns, while at the same time tearing down norms and ethical boundaries.

Although the film is filled with black humor, I wanted it to have a reflection on human behavior and what happens when the normal rules don’t apply any longer. When emotions take over the civilized behavior. How fragile everything is when stepping out of the norm. Especially important now when the world is in the state it is now. How narrow minded and selfish people can be. So, in a way ZOO is almost a satire on what’s going on right now.With Zoo, I wanted to tell a big story in a small format.

The contained space has always fascinated me. It lets me focus on the characters and their twisted journey, all more or less, taking place entirely in one apartment building. There’s no escape. Neither for me, writing the script or my characters residing in it. We’re both stuck and have to find a way out, no matter the consequences. Even though it’s funny and wicked, the foundation is a story about humanity and above all -love! Losing love, finding love.Yeah, it’s a love story, I admit.

And for me it’s all about the characters, where I wanted to focus on our dysfunctional couple finding their way back to each other in this, sort of post-apocalyptic backdrop, which of course raised the stakes. I want/hope the audience to experience the whole range of the emotional spectrum. From laughing to crying and all in-between. I want to take them on this crazy, yet beautiful roller coaster ride including all the human detours that’s ultimately adds up to one thing only -love! And even though it comes at a cost, love is always worth it, right?”

Starring Zoë Tapper (Survivors, Mr Selfridge), Edward Speleers (Outlander, Downton Abbey), Antonia Campbell-Hughes (3096 Days, Kelly + Victor) and Jan Bijvoet (Borgman, Peaky Blinders) from writer/director Antonio Steve Tublén Zoo now available on all major VOD platforms, courtesy of 1091 Media.

Check out the trailer below:


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