“Patron” is a social horror in the vein of Stepford Wives and Get Out, that builds to a wild, abstract and Lynchian climax and its looking for support right now!

Last year, a wide ranging culture of sexual harassment against both men and women was exposed to the public. It came as a shock to some, to others – relief, as they could finally have their stories heard. “Patron” is a female-centric film, with a female lead, and will therefore be brought to you by a female-led crew, including co-director, producer and cinematographer, with more announcements coming soon.

As such, the lighting and cinematography will take their inspiration from surrealist paintings – bringing an OTHERWORLDLY NATURE to the shots and enhancing the emotional and nightmarish qualities of this piece. The filmmakers are also seeking to push the envelope with our VFX, Producer Emily Haigh and Writer/Co-Director Alon Young are already working closely with a visual effects artist to achieve a digital manipulation of the film’s subject which will amplify the tensions and themes of the story.

With its unique genre, aesthetic and VFX, the guys behind “Patron” feel they will add an important and original voice to the #MeToo and #TimeUp movements, keeping this social issue at the forefront of the public’s mind. All donations will go directly into this project. Find out more here – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/patron-horror-drama#/

Check out the video pitch for Patron below:

In order to truly engage the audience, the aim of “Patron” is to tell a topical tale, but not in the way people would expect, which is why they have chosen to make this story a genre piece and put a real emphasis on innovative visual design.


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