From the Director of Night of Something Strange comes Johnny Z

Hurricane Bridge Entertainment launches its first ever crowdfunding campaign through indiegogo for the horror action film Johnny Z.

“Johnny Z” is a horroraction feature film about a half human, half zombie named Johnny who, under the guidance of a martial arts master seeks vengeance on the evil corporation that created him. It’s “Land of the Dead” meets “The Raid.”

Directed by Jonathan Straiton of the award winning horror comedy Night of Something Strange. Straiton penned the script along with frequent collaborator/filmmaker Ron Bonk (House Shark, She Kills) Bonk is also set to executive produce with Brie Straiton as producer.

Night of Something Strange alumni Michael Merchant, Trey Harrison, Wayne Johnson and new comer Felix Cortes join the cast. Special effects by Marcus Koch (We Are Still Here, American Guinea Pig Series) and Fight/Stunt Choreography by Dylan Hintz of the DC Stunt Coalition. Hurricane Bridge Entertainment has partnered with Black Mandala (Inbred, What the Waters Left Behind) who will be overseeing worldwide distribution for the film if the fixed goal is met. Private investors have invested 20k in pre and post production.

“Johnny Z has been a passion project of mine for over ten years and I know audiences will dig it” said Jonathan Straiton “It’s straight action horror with tons of gore! This is my chance to show my more serious side to storytelling compared to NoSS. Black Mandala approached us about doing a NoSS sequel back in January, instead I expressed the importance of Johnny Z as my next project and they totally got it! They came on as producers and I signed on to direct Johnny Z and NoSS sequel, Dawn of Something Strange and very much look forward to returning to that world after Johnny Z.”

The Johnny Z Indiegogo Campaign is here


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