Haynes Launches Zombie Survival App

Ever wanted to know exactly how you’d be able to survive in a zombie attack? Well now you can educate yourself fully on the subject with the help of the Haynes Zombie Survival App.

haynes-zombie-survival-appIf you’re old enough to remember what it was like to own a car that you had to maintain, Haynes will be a familiar name. Their manuals give insight into every detail of each and every car model and were the bible for anyone needing to fix some aspect of their motor.

Haynes soon expanded their remit to produce guides for other objects and practices leading very logically to their Zombie Survival Manual.

Realising the importance of of modern technology – particularly during a zombie outbreak – Haynes have now commissioned an app that ‘takes the manual’s hugely popular content and reformats it into the concept of persona types with corresponding survival techniques and the function to unlock other detailed crucial information. Importantly, it also educates the user in how to spot a zombie and signs to look out for.’

The Haynes Zombie Survival App

Using the app is simple. After choosing a survivor profile (scientist, forager or fighter) users must navigate a series of chapters to understand more about the walking dead and how to outsmart them and emerge victorious.
Each chapter ends with a quiz and on completion of all chapters, the user is awarded an official licence to deal with the living dead.

The knowledge contained within the chapters of the app is provided by leading Zombie Survivalist Sean T Page, author of Alien Invasion Survival Manual from Haynes, The Official Zombie Handbook UK and War Against the Walking Dead.


Andrew Golby, Global Digital Director at Haynes Publishing, commented: “This new app is an exciting venture for Haynes, and the result of a collaboration between Haynes and author Sean T Page.

It also brings a new twist on our very rich heritage and reputation as the brand everyone trusts for practical information, ensuring that people are equipped with the essential low-down on how to survive the walking dead.”

The Zombie Survival app is available now. Find out more about the app and how to download it right now, here:


App drives us bat-ty

As part of the promotion for the launch of the app, we were sent a zombie smashing bat in the post. Now the Love Horror team will all be frantically downloading the app to learn how to use it ahead of the witching hour tonight. Can’t be too careful!




There is little that gets between Gremlin and a good news story. Except perhaps a late night snack followed by a dip in the pool.

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