Grimm Up North Present: 3 special screenings as part of BFI’s Love Season

Love, love, love….love is all you need. Grimm Up North is very proud to participate in the BFI’s new season dedicated to the most heart warming and heart breaking emotion in cinema, LOVE.

Throughout November we will present 3 very different films which all have a unique take on love from the obsessive dangers of FATAL ATTRACTION to the all engrossing love in fantasy classic A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. All screenings will take place at MANCHESTER CENTRAL LIBRARY and will be introduced by a special guest speaker. For more info on the ?lms featured please read below:

FATAL ATTRACTION – Tuesday 10th November
5.30pm-8pm – Performance Space.
This classic stars screen legends Michael Douglas & Glenn Close and follows A married man who’s one night stand comes back to haunt him when the lover he spent the night with begins to stalk him and his family.

A MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH – Tuesday 17th November
5.30pm-8pm – Performance Space.
Squadron Leader Peter Carter is alone in a blazing plane. As he prepares himself for death he confides his innermost secrets to a radio operator. After jumping out of the plane he miraculously survives, meets the woman he spoke to and they fall in love. Although he appears to be unhurt, he has suffered a severe concussion which causes a series of strange hallucinations. During a brain operation, he meets characters from another world, and whilst he undergoes this dangerous operation, his spirit is put on trial. The verdict will decide whether he will live or die.

REBECCA – Thursday 19th November
5.30-8pm – Performance Space.
Hitchcock brought all his narrative skill to du Maurier’s haunting tale of a mousy young woman who meets the handsome, aristocratic widower Maxim de Winter in Monte Carlo and is swept off her feet by his whirlwind courtship. Following their wedding, they move to his Cornish estate Manderley, where the brooding Maxim once lived with his first wife Rebecca. Manderley is ruled over by the sinister housekeeper Mrs Danvers who is ferociously devoted to the memory of her dead mistress and undermines the new wife at every turn.

All tickets are £6 each and are available through the Grimm website.


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