Happy Halloween!

It’s that fateful day you devilish losers, users, cruisers and low down abusers. Say hello to Halloween, a time to crawl and a time to scream. Twitch and shout to the rhythms of night, to the schreechs and wails that fill your heart with fright. It’s a time for scares and a time for dares and a time for encountering what isn’t there. Here we are that time of year when ghosts and goblins flicker and cheer, through the gallows and grates of underground cities as the day draws closed oh what a pity. But do not worry about its demise for only a year away will the dead again arise. But for now enjoy the eerie sounds of a man unabashed by his all hallows crown. A man of stature and a man obscene, listen to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins this happy Halloween…

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Love Horror, without your continuing support none of this would be possible. Thank you, good luck and good night.



After floating adrift in deep space for many years aboard the Sulaco, Jonesy eventually crashed to earth. The cryogenic suspension was de-activated and what emerged from the wreckage was a highly evolved, alien hybrid feline... More

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