Convention of the Dead seeks funding

Ever fancied being part of a horror movie?

Okay, your acting isn’t up to much, but you’d like to appear Convention of the Deadin the credits and attend the premier along with the stars.

Well, why not help indpendent films get made by becoming an investor? It’s a fast growing pheneomenon – lots of independent film makers looking for investment where it counts: from the very horror fans who’d want to watch it.

Convention of the Dead is one such project. The film (when complete) is to tell the tale of a group of sci-fi fans at a sci-fi convention that end up battling the undead.
In the words of the Kelvin Beer, the writer director it’ll be ‘Shaun of the Dead meets The Big Bang Theory but with a lot of blood and gore’.

Sounds like fun right?
In exchange for your investment in the film, the producers offer lots of nice perks, from an ‘adopt a zombie’ pack to an executive producer credit and set visit.

For more info check out the Convention of the Dead investment page.


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  • This is awesome… I’ve always loved films and this sounds like a great laugh! May even adopt a Zombie for my daughter… Sod the adopt a panda or ewok campaigns! Get involved people I know I am, I’ll see you at the wrap party 😉

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