Vietnamese horror The House in the Alley gains interest.

The Vietnamese horror entitled The House In The Alley is steadily picking up interest in the right areas of the entertainment industry.

The film, a product of writer-director Lê V?n Ki?t is The House in the Alley 2012 horrordue for release on Valentines Day (UK dates are unconfirmed) and promises lots of scares and suspense.

The story surrounds a young couple who are expecting the birth of their first child, but instead suffer a miscarriage. After a prolonged stay in hospital, the wife (Veronica Ngo) returns home but is tormented by the event and struggles to return to normality. Soon, their house seems transform and the husband, is pushed to the binks of his sanity when things get out of control.
Together they must fight to find out what evil force is behind the events that are changing their home and their lives.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away apart from the fact that the Asian horror staples are evident – most notably the freaky children with long, lank hair.
Apparently the films powerful effect has been attributed in part to the use of lots of handheld camera footage.

Check out The House In The Alley trailer:

Indeed The House in the Alley is causing quite a stir with several US film festivals showing an interest.

Source: Viet Nam News


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  • I saw this horror film called “House in the Alley” at a film fest and it was very creepy. It is coming out Oct 25th in theaters. Check it out at

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