American Horror Story: Freak Show, Episode 1

So American Horror Story is back and none of us were sure what to expect. The franchise has been a mixed bag, mainly down to audience tastes and network intervention and Season Three was seen by many to be the weakest yet.

The latest series (American Horror Story: Freak Show) American Horror Story: Freak Showshows a bevy of our beloved American Horror Story stars working in a failing carnival of curiosities that has set up shop in the snoozy small town of Jupiter, Florida.

As ever though, the plot isn’t a simple one and after just one episode a number of different dynamics arise.

First off there’s the precarious situation that the Freak Show itself is in. It has taken residence in a town that doesn’t want it and the audience numbers are low leaving them all with little money and forcing them to take desperate measures for cash.

Then there’s their latest act, the two headed lady. She, or more ‘they’ are wanted for the murder of their mother. But they have found refuge at the show, protected by the ramshackle family from the law.
This is made even more complicated as there is a serial killer at large, a killer that happens to be a (particularly scary looking) clown. Whether he has any links to the show or not isn’t yet clear, but there is a risk that the two headed woman could well be a suspect for his offences along with their own.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Before long our American Horror pretty boy Evan Peters is getting stuck into some wrong doing and just one episode in, pretty much everyone is guilty of one misdemeanour or another.

At this early stage there’s everything to like about this latest season of American Horror story, apart from Cathy Bates’ character. What IS that accent?!

American HorrorStory: Freak Show has already started on FX in the US. If you want to watch it in the UK you’ll have to wait until 21st October 🙁

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