Love Horror’s Best Horror Beers on the Planet Part 1

Best horror beers
It’s obvious that we at Love Horror love horror but we also love beer and nothing makes us happier when those two passions combine in the form of a Horror Beer. Horror Beer’s come in many magnificent forms from brews inspired by classic movies to pun-tastic ale’s with petrifying artwork to breweries fully embracing horror in creation of all their delicious drinks.

Best Horror Beers

We decided it was time to compile a list Love Horror’s Best Horror Beers on the planet to give you an overview of the breweries producing horror related beers that make the ideal drink alongside your favorite fright filled films. Be it a Saison for a slasher movie, a Trappist for a torture thriller, a Stout for a supernatural shocker or an Indian Pale ale for a petrifying Indie picture although our lists aren’t exhaustive we aim to please every horror fan.

Featuring our favorite popular brands and obscure microbreweries, regularly made seasonal beer’s and craft one offs, ultra-rare long gone limited editions and mainstream lagers available everywhere we hope you find something tasty to wet your interest and perfectly accompany your next horror movie viewing.

Below are the first 10 breweries and look out for more parts coming soon. Cheers!

Beer: The Walking Dead- Blood Orange IPA

Brewery: Terrapin Beer
Description: Terrapin Beer Co. teamed up with The Walking Dead to brew the official beer of the undead. Made with blood orange peel, and a horrific amount of hops, this bloodthirsty Red IPA will have you prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse!
They also have a seasonal pumpkin beer appropriately named Pumpkin Fest and the creepy Hopsecutioner a killer IPA earns its title by being brewed with six different hops to create an aggressive, yet exceptionally well-balanced, beer that they claim you will lose your hop head over.
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Beer: Nosferatu® Imperial Red Ale and Lake Erie Monster™ Imperial IPA

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing
Description: The Nosferatu is a abloody good beer so don’t be afraid of things that go hop in the night! Rich roasted malt flavors haunt the shadows of this Imperial Red Ale’s bitter teeth.
Lake Erie Monster™ Imperial IPA is a South Bay Bessie-inspired brew which launches an intense hop attack amid torrid tropical fruit flavors. Astonishingly full-bodied, with a leviathan load of American hops.
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Beer: Dawn of the Red and Velocihoptor

Brewery: Ninkasi Brewing Company
Description: Bursting with tropical notes, this Red IPA captures the bright complexity of El Dorado and Mosaic hops. An assertive hop presence is carried by a subtle caramel backbone, unearthing a beer that is flavorful and juicy. So in love with this beer are they that it even has its own have a Dawn of the Red Download Compilation here where a bunch of artists, ranging in sound and style was asked to use Dawn of the Red as a focal lyric and to interpret the phrase however they choose. The outcome is a diverse offering of different genres, some literal in meaning, some metaphoric, all inspired by craft beer.
We love Ninkasi because alongside the Dawn of the Red they have also produced the Velocihoptor a rare and delicious beer everyone should grab up before it goes extinct, an Imperial Pumpkin Sleigh’r that contained a burly 300 pounds of organic pumpkin and an ample helping of dark brown sugar added to each batch and The Devil Went Down to Oregon made in collaboration with Devils Backbone Brewing.
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Beer: Sharks Blood and Sea Salt IPA

Brewery: Northern Monk Brew Co.
Description: To celebrate the latest in the comedy-horror-disaster film franchise, UK distributor Tribal Films has partnered with Northern Monk Brew Co. to produce a limited edition Sharknado themed beer, with unique flavour and packaging. The special “Sharks Blood and Sea Salt IPA”, made with blood orange, is available across the UK and Europe. Northern Monk, homed in a Grade II listed mill in Leeds, is known to produce seasonal and limited edition drinks and currently brews 20,000 pints of beer each week.
Russell Bisset, Managing Director of Northern Monk said, “We’re all huge Sharknado heads at Northern Monk so when the opportunity to work with them presented itself, we threw aside our usual product categories and dove deep into the Sharknado world. We wanted to create a beer that was as left field as the films are. With this in mind we brewed a blood orange and sea salt IPA which has a totally unique taste and distinct blood reddish hue.”
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Beer: Hell Larger and Todd the Axe Man IPA

Brewery: Surly Brewery
Description: Okay maybe not as dark as it sounds Hell is actually called that because it is German for light confusiong huh? A pale-gold lager with bready malt aromas and flavors, floral hop aroma, and a balanced finish Hell is not filtered and fermented with lager yeast and American hops takes a back seat to the Pils malt sweetness and fresh bread aroma. It’s fiendishly drinkable, and you don’t have to sell your soul to get another.
Their other beer Todd the Axe Man is Surly’s version of the West Coast Style IPA first brewed in collaboration with Amager Brewery in Denmark. Brewed with one malt, Golden Promise from the UK, with Citra and Mosaic hops. Named after the fact that Todd was not only a good brewerbut also a great guitarist it has a heavy metal label that will make you feel like throwing up devil horns as soon as you see it.
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Beer: A Saison Darkly, Fear of Ghosts, Folklore and As Follows

Brewery: Stillwater Artisanal
Description: With plenty of spooky beers with devilish labels its hard to pick from Stillwater Artisanal’s selection. Do you opt for the Smoked Sour Farmhouse Wheat Ale Fear of Ghosts? The 8.0% ABV Dark Saison Ale A Saison Darkly? Or the 6.66% ABV of the Sour Smoked Wheat Ale The Devil Is People?
Also on offer is Folklore an Untraditional Stout and with human history filled with myths and legend, rituals, celebrations, gatherings.. whatever one thing that’s for sure is we all enjoy a proper shindig. So let’s get the stories flowing and share a little ‘Folklore’. A bracingly deep ale, built dark and rich with an elegantly lean body accompanied by heady aromas of Belgian yeast, earthy hops and gently kissed by a wisp of smoke.
Lastly there is As Follows is a Belgian Style Golden Ale coming in at 9% ABV. Big, bold, hoppy & gold built sturdy enough to withstand the Apocalypse, but delicate enough to sip and enjoy all night.
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Beer: Evil Dead Red and My Bloody Valentine

Brewery: Ale Smith Brewery
Description: Each Halloween Ale Smith Brewery release this special concoction, Evil Dead Red Ale, to celebrate one of their favorite holidays. Deep blood-red in color, an intense aroma of pine and citrus from an abundance of American hops balances the sweetness and rich, bready flavors of this beer’s caramel malts. The result is a fiendishly smooth brew that will make your taste buds scream with delight.
Don’t spend this Single Awareness Day alone – grab a My Bloody Valentine! This red-blooded cousin of Evil Dead Red Ale, is a beautiful crimson color. Notes of caramel, toast, and bittersweet chocolate balance an intense bouquet of floral hop aromas that they know you’ll fall in love with. The finish leaves a pleasant, full-bodied sweetness on the palate that won’t spread angry rumors about you to all your friends like that one time when I was…ohh…uhh…Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Beer: Mephistopheles, Samael’s and The Beast

Brewery: Avery Brewing
Description: Three devilishly good beers are all from The Demons of Ale series are available at Avery Brewing all with their own cryptic apocalyptic descriptions reproduced here the first being a 15.0% Stout named Mephistopheles named after the crafty shapeshifter, the second fallen angel; he who does not love light. Herein this beer he patiently lies, waiting and willing to do your bidding, but for a price. Enter into his darkness, a tangled and intricate labyrinth of bittersweet rapture.
An Oak Aged Strong Ale Samael is the prince of demons, the angel of death, accuser and destroyer. Filled with enmity towards man, he planted the vine, the forbidden tree of paradise. Behold his venom and vengeance, both sweet and tempting, enticing you, his spellbound victim, within his wings.
Coming in at 16.8% ABV The Beast is a Grand Cru, a seducer—accommodating, complicated, powerful, dark, unfiltered and created to last the ages. Beyond this, it’s futile to describe him. He will unveil himself differently to each of his followers. The mark is in his constitution.
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Beer: Red Panda, Pandamonium

Brewery: Mordue Brewery
Description: From Panda Frog Project, Mordue Brewery’s experimental arm, created from the twisted genius that is Robert Millichamp (Head Brewer) and the occasional rationality of the Fawson Brothers comes a bunch of barmy bottled beers with crazed artwork and fantastic flavour.
Red Panda has a pale golden look featuring floral pine and citrus with a clean bitterness oh and a muscle bound panda covered in blood on the bottle while Pandamonium is a hop driven Californian style IPA, vibrant and packed full of the finest hops America has to offer. The closest you can get to being smacked in the face with Eddie Van Halen’s guitar.
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Beer: The Great Pumpkin, Dark O’ The Moon, Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale, The Dread and Omen

Brewery: Elysian Brewing
Description: With three Pumpkin speciality beers and two horror named brews Elysian Brewing is a Halloween lovers paradise. Imperial Pumpkin Ale The Great Pumpkin has intense pumpkin, sugar and spice on the nose with a nice bready and malty backdrop to tame all those autumn spices into a remarkably smooth, balanced and delectable fall treat. Pumpkin Stout Dark O’The Moon pours dark as night with creamy tan head. A little smokiness on the nose with malty bittersweet chocolate and a little coffee with subtle earthy pumpkin and spices for an overall nice and creamy mouth. Lastly the wonderfully named Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale I a pumpkin ale with the attitude of a world-weary barista, Punkuccino packs a short shot of Stumptown coffee toddy in your pint with just a shake of cinnamon and nutmeg.

They say the dread like Poe’s dark dog, is something you can’t shake, a horrific companion always with you, intense and urgent, especially in the middle of the night or after too much coffee. Well, Elysian’s got just the thing for you, and it’s called The Dread, a beer of dark intensity and fortitude, a panoply of dark malts and the mellow complexity of oak aging. Available in 22-ounce bottles and on draft, it promises to be an unavoidable reminder of something intense and darkly delicious.
The funny thing about omens is that they often come back to haunt you. Omen from Seattle’s Elysian Brewing is no exception. This heady and delicious Belgian-style raspberry stout made its first appearance as the November offering in 2012’s 12 Beers of the Apocalypse series, counting down what were thought by some–well, the Mayans, anyway–to be the planet’s last days. Now it’s come back, not as an unsettling reminder of portentous words but welcomed both by those who enjoyed it back then and newcomers to the beer.
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Beer: Dead Guy Ale

Brewery: Rouge
Description: An ale inspired by the style of a German Maibock, brewed using their proprietary Pacman yeast, Dead Guy Ale is deep honey in color with a malty aroma, rich hearty flavor and a well balanced finish.
Most impressive of all but sadly now not available was Rouge’s special batch Hellboy Right Hand Of Doom Red Ale but good luck finding it and if you do please tell us. They also offer up a tasty Pumpkin Patch Ale every Halloween.
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