A cannibal in Cannes

A cannibal in CannesWhen you hear the name ‘Cannes’ you think of the film festival. And when you think of that festival you probably picture lots of celebs shamelessly promoting their latest films as the hungry press busily takes notes and photos.

But what you might not know is that Cannes does feature a considerable amount of horror. So with that in mind, we sent Cannibal Casserly along to see whether it’s an event worthy of adding to the Love Horror calendar.

I attended my very first ever Cannes Film Film Festival on behalf of Love Horror last month and a week of screenings, parties and poor choices ensued. This was indeed natural environment for a cannibal, or ‘Cannes’ibal’ if you pardon my bad pun! The only accredited specifically horror journalist in Cannes (to my knowledge!).

Arriving on the opening Wednesday, I bolted straight to a party at the American Pavilion held in honour on upcoming alien abduction film, ‘Encounter’. I didn’t even have time to drop off my suitcase before we got talking to the director, Fulvio Sestito and producer, Rebecca Berrih for an interview about their film.

After waking up facedown on the sofa and making some apologies, it was time to head off to watch my first ever Cannes premiere, the screening of ‘Encounter’. A thoroughly enjoyable and unique take on the alien abduction genre, which I recommend to anyone.

horror at Cannes
After a pint of Guinness in the Irish Pavilion and few more bevies in the Petite Majestic, we bumped into the makers of Troma’s ‘Return to Nuke’Em High vol 2’ and got invited to the world premiere the following week. I caught a night screening of ‘Jupiter’s Moon’ after, which is by far the most underrated movie in Cannes this year. The spectacle of the film more than made up for the underdeveloped themes of the movie.

On Friday I attended a screening of Takashi Miike’s samurai epic, ‘Blade of the Immortal’. There is no director alive who could’ve pulled such a spectacular adaptation of the popular manga series.

The next day, after a delightful wedding in Nice, I attending a very special of western classic ‘Unforgiven’ with Clint Eastwood introducing it, then watching it with us. I felt sorry for those queuing up for hours to get a spot in the screening. Us journalists in our separate queue get let in before everyone else to get all the good seats. For the cold-hearted cannibal that I am, the standing ovation directed at a tearful Clint at the end was pretty moving and entirely awesome.

Cannes Film Festival

The Raindance villa party followed on Sunday up in the glorious hills of Cannes. The Cannes’ibal made good use of the wine reception and became a bad influence to the all the other highly respectable movie industry people at the party.

It’s always a bad sign when you wake up with your shoes on, but I freshened up and popped along to the special screening of I also attended a screening of the black comedy Palmes d’Or winner ‘The Square’. Definitely a deserving winner.

Afternoon treat ‘The Villainess’, a Korean assassin film along the lines of ‘Kill Bill’ meets ‘The Raid’. Any film with a three-way sword fight on motorbikes is definitely going to be seen by me. It would sit nicely in a FrightFest opening night screening…

That night we attended the Troma party at the Petite Majestic. Beer in plastic cups with Toxie is more my scene than Rose at the actual Majestic. We made many new friends that night and caught up with Sgt Kabukiman NYPD himself and of course legend, Uncle Lloyd Kaufman.

Troma at Cannes

We nursed our hangovers for the world premiere of ‘Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High aka Vol 2’. Having front row seats to the unashamed dopamine bukkake experience of a Troma is a legal high you don’t get anywhere else.

Later that night we sang karaoke with Sgt Kabukiman in a backstreet Irish bar. He holds a note much better than me and Haunted Hayles. But not much better. ‘The Final Countdown’ ended our final night in Cannes.

See you next year, Cannes. The Cannibal has marked his calendar for 2018.


Sam Casserly

After escaping his host and coming alive in the era of Video Nasties, Cannibal Casserly consumed all the terror he could get his stumpy little hands on. On the verge of releasing his first low budget horror feature, he lurks in the shadows to avoid the pitchforks of witch burning villagers. This misunderstood monster just wants to be your friend. www.samcasserly.co.uk

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