100 Pages of Horror –The Can Opener’s Daughter by Rob Davis

can-opener_title-slide_4In our last 100 Pages of Horror we entered the very strange world of Scarper Lee in Rob Davis The Motherless Oven where kids made their parents, people had death days not birthdays and the world was ruled by a giant weather clock.1

Ending as it did on a huge cliff hanger and leaving many questions unanswered Rob Davis sequel The Can Openers Daughter attempts to not only fill in some of the past history of the insane world he has created but also push the story forward all through the enigmatic and anarchic central character Vera Pike

A pure enigma in the first book we discover in the opening pages of the new graphic novel that Vera is the titulature daughter of a can opener and her mother is the weather clock, the aforementioned megalomaniacal Prime Minister of Chance and ruler of everything in the known world.

Starting in Vera’s childhood we learn not only how the weather clock came to power but also what shaped Vera into the rebellious trouble maker she is in The Motherless Oven all due to her overbearing matriarch and the bullying she receives in the posh Sylvia’s School of Bleak Prospects and Suicides.

Charting her journey right up to her appearance at the start of The Motherless Oven and then taking us onwards as Castro and Vera attempt to save Scarper, its is a perfect companion piece and fans of the first book will be in heaven having all their favourite characters not only brought back to life but expanded far further than in the first book.


Insane and at times unsettling Rob Davis’s world is seemingly a million miles away from our own until you look beneath the surreal surface and discover similarities and clever twists on the norm many of which expose deep rooted truths about parenting, society and teenage angst.

If you enjoyed Rob Davis work before this will not disappoint. If you like your comics a little darker and different then this is most definitely for you and I guarantee you will be as engrossed in Vera Pike’s world as quickly as I was.


You can read the back catalogue of our book reviews by following this link http://lovehorror.co.uk/?s=100+pages+of+horror Both The Can Opener’s Daughter and The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis are out now published by SelfMadeHero and available now at Amazon and Forbidden Planet as well as other online retailers click Here for more info. Last of all check out Behind-the-scenes of a graphic novel: The Can Opener’s Daughter below:


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