5 of the Craziest Moments in Horror

Horror is a genre with a wide remit. I can make you laugh, it can make you squirm, it can make you NEVER WANT GO IN THE BASEMENT EVER AGAIN.

But every so often a horror film incorporates a scene or an idea that’s just so crazy, it’s hard to comprehend how it ever came to be made.
We’ve compiled five such scenes for your pleasure and we think you’ll agree that sometimes horror is just plain, bat shit crazy.

Horror’s Craziest Moments

5. “Shark attack” in Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombi 2)

Zombie Flesh eaters is a great zombie film. One of the best in fact. It ticks all of the boxes story-wise and also has some particularly powerful scenes that cement in the viewers mind. For instance, in one scene a young woman has her eye gouged out on a huge splinter by one of the zombies. It’s one of those scenes that you never forget.
However, another scene trumps that. Not because it’s even more horrible, but because it’s just so damn crazy!

Zombies and water. It’s an interesting concept. If they’re dead, then surely they wouldn’t drown? I can see why someone might want to play out that theory in a zombie film.

zombi flesh eaters shark

But whoever came up with the idea that the zombie should then randomly fight a shark, either had a very extraordinary imagination or they were under the influence of something pretty heavy (it was made in the seventies after all).
Somehow the scene was agreed to and the result was a good five minutes of zombie versus shark action.
It’s mesmerising.
At this point we should make clear that the zombie is a man in zombie makeup, but the shark is a real shark. And a pretty big one too.
It’s hard to comprehend how the scene was shot without the stunman/actor drowning or getting bitten/eaten. It paid off though because we’re still talking about it some 36 years on.

4. “The Lawn mower” in Braindead (Dead Alive)

Lawn mower brain dead dead aliveWe’ve seen many a tool used to kill zombies on screen. We’ve also seen power tools used extensively against the walking dead. But it’s not that often that you see a man ploughing his way through crowds of them with a lawn mower. And in Brain Dead, that’s exactly what happens.

Peter Jackson’s 1992 film is extreme from the get go with oozing blood, squirting puss and limb removal all making an appearance within the first 10 minutes.

From there the movie is a non-stop gore fest, save a few moments of dialogue and it’s only if you can stomach the onslaught that you’ll make it to the finale where *spoiler alert* our hero Lionel has to use a petrol powered lawnmower to process a huge horde of the undead.
This is shortly after he has a lengthy tussle with some killer intestines – which would obviously be enough to push any man to use garden tools as weapons of mass destruction.

It’s extreme, it’s silly, but best of all it’s insane.

3. “Tiger in the House” in Burning Bright

I remember seeing the trailer for Burning Bright before I reviewed the film, thinking to myself ‘now how the hell does a pair of kids end up getting trapped in a house with a tiger?’
It was obviously intriguing enough to encourage me to watch the movie and even though the whole idea is a bit stupid and impossible, somehow I still enjoyed it.

burning bright tiger horror

Our main characters Kelly and Tom are left living with their step-father, Johnny in a grand house after their mother dies. Everyone seems to get along, but with the young boy, Tom having autism and with the family having a few debts to pay it’s not long until some cracks start to show.
Unable to manage the children and desperate for some insurance money, Johnny hatches a plot: to buy a tiger and lock it in the house with his step kids in the hope that it eats them and he can inherit a small fortune.
What follows is a fun film, with plenty of tension and well executed effects.
But how this crazy idea every got the nod from movie execs, we’ll probably never know.

2. “Weed filled corpse” in The Green Inferno

Eli Roth’s recent curious cannibal creation was

green inferno weed corpse
“All this pain and death is making me incredibly horny”
filled had its fair share of odd moments and a liberal amount of gore and horror.
But it’s when Roth takes an idea then runs away with it – way past the usual borders of acceptability – that you begin to question the purpose of his films and more generally, his mental state.

When a small group of American students end up locked in a primitive cage in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest courtesy of a tribe of cannibals, it isn’t long until they end up on their hosts’ menu.

As the students cower in utter terror one of the group commits suicide by cutting her own throat. After being shocked by this (for all of thirty seconds) another student has a eureka moment – why not fill her still warm body with cannabis? That way, when she’s cooked and eaten she’ll make the captors high and give the prisoners a chance to escape!
Oh and while they execute this surprisingly successful plan, one of the other students masturbates in the corner. Just in case the scenario wasn’t already random enough.

1. “Penis cannon” in Tokyo Gore Police

As pretty much everything in Tokyo Gore Police shows on the crazy radar, there was no doubt that it should be mentioned in this article. The only problem being, which part is the craziest?
After much consideration and after denying ‘snail lady’ and ‘alligator woman’, the famous ‘penis cannon’ won through.

After a mad scientist known as the ‘Key Man’ creates a virus that mutates humans into monstrous creatures called ‘Engineers’ that sprout bizarre weapons from any injury, Tokyo turns into a war zone with the the mutants going head to head with engineer hunters.
In the film our heroine, Ruka enters and S&M club with her colleague Barabara-man and the two are seperated. And when Barabara-man has an unfortunate encounter with alligator woman he loses a hand and his genitals. Thanks to the virus, both missing parts grow back but as deformed, demented weapons.

You can imagine the bad guys (and audience’s) surprise when he later turns up ready to fight with a sword fused to one arm and a giant, red penis cannon primed and ready to take out any foe with high velocity dick rounds.

What follows is a very memorable sequence as Barabara-man fends off bad guys with his member. Cinematic gold.

Tokyo Gore Police Horror penis cannon

Watch the scenes here:

That’s all of our craziest horror moments for now. If you find any others be sure to let us know.


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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