20 of Ghana’s Goriest Movie Posters

Ghana’s Goriest

Movie posters serve as a visual work of art to inspire us to spend our hard earned cash on a cinema ticket. A great poster should not only tell us something about the movie’s story and cast, but also be aesthetically pleasing perhaps even invoking the style or tone of the film it’s for.
Sadly it seems Hollywood has lost track of the true art behind the movie poster preferring to replicate the same, sometimes specifically obscure, trends again and again. All in the vein hope we will mistake the brand new terrible Adam Sandler film for the one good Adam Sandler film he made 20 years ago. 1


Thankfully for all of us Ghana has paved the way in weird, extreme and gore filled posters which push things to the limit, as the artists used their chaotic creativity to replace the fact they had never actually seen the films sometimes ending up making the movies look wayyyyyyyyyy better than they actually are.

According to a CNN interview with one of Ghana’s poster artists the tradition grew from promoting Ghanaian cinema clubs which were sometimes no more than rows of seats in the open air, around a gas-powered generator and a TV set with a VCR.

To get in the crowds the designers let their imagination run wild adding in monsters, weapons and tons of blood and guts to bring in the crowds. The golden age of the 80’s and 90’s gave us a lurid load of posters from all types of genre’s but the action and horror art work stands out for its uncensored imagery.

Sadly it seems the strange tradition has died down in Ghana from its heyday however with Western interest producing websites and books dedicated to the amazing posters the real and very rare art works now sell to collects for hundreds of dollars.

So whether its gruesome canine hybrids, mutilated corpses or flesh eating Leprechauns Ghana’s poster artists are guaranteed to make any horror movie even more horrible.   Below are 20 of the best and goriest examples for all to enjoy and lest hope Hollywood takes note!

Ghana’s Goriest
I don’t know what’s scarier the heads on sticks or the wrong head on that humongous dog
Ghana’s Goriest
Wow Sil really screwed these guys and is that Godzilla in the background of the Species 2 poster?
Ghana’s Goriest
How to make 2 of the goriest films even more gory Ghana style
Ghana’s Goriest
Must of missed the tiger eats guts bit of Gladiator and the naked bondage gore monster bit of Starship Troopers too.
Ghana’s Goriest
Eye have no eye-dea why eye put these two together ARGHHH look at the missing eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ghana’s Goriest
Many don’t consider Leprechaun or Eight Legged Freaks to be that gory but they didn’t see these posters
Ghana’s Goriest
Both of these where 15 certificates but by the posters they should be rated X
Ghana’s Goriest
what’s that saying again? Oh yeah a head in the hand is worth two hands tearing your head apart
Ghana’s Goriest
As the cast of Ghostship scream in agony Freddy is trying to get his baby to sleep
Ghana’s Goriest
The girl in the Slither poster seems to be saying “oh well what do you expect” meanwhile in Poltergiest 2 all hell literally breaks loose.

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