Grimmfest 2012 Full Line Up

Grimmfest 2012If you are feeling the post FrightFest hangover don’t fear because Grimm up North 2012 is coming and from the full line up and guest lists below it looks like the best Grimmfest yet!

Running from the 3rd to the 7th of October Grimmfest 2012 promises features over 13 international movie premieres, new british horror and cult classic strands, celebrity special guest Q and A’s, signings, competitions and give aways plus an amazing bunch of movies.

The guest line up so far includes Ross Noble (Comedian, Stitches, Have I got news for you), Tommy Knight (Actor, Sarah Jane Adventures, Stitches), Reece Shearsmith (Actor, Psychoville, Him Indoors), Pollyanna McIntosh (Actress, The Woman, Him Indoors), Dominic Brunt (Director and actor, Before Dawn, Emmerdale), Patrick Mower (Actor, Emmerdale, The devil rides out), James Moran (Screen writer, Doctor Who, Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies), Nicky Evans (Actor, Before dawn, Shameless), Joanne Mitchell (Actor, Before Dawn), Marc Price (Director, Colin & Exec prod on Before Dawn), Juan Martinez Moreno (Director, Attack of The werewolves), Simon Bamford (Actor, Nightbreed, Hellraiser), Nicholas Vince (Actor, Nightbreed, Hellraiser), Hugh Ross (Actor, Nightbreed), Russ Cherrington (Restoration supervisor, Nightbreed), Signi Olynyk & Bob Shultz (Writer/Producers, Below Zero) and Waynne Simmons (Horror Novelist).

For tickets click Here and check out the awesome film list from Grimmfest 2012

Wednesday 3rd OctFilm4 FrightFest the 13th

7.10pm – 8.40pm AMERICAN MARY
‘Impoverished medical student Mary Mason gets pulled into the shadowy underworld of illegal body modification surgery after she performs a few questionable procedures for a local mobster. Here she finds the respect and creative fulfilment the conventional medical world had denied her, as well as the opportunity for gruesome revenge on her tormentors…’

Canada’s “Twisted Twins” are back! Jen and Sylvia Soska’s debut feature, the blackly comic underground grind house gem DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK had its UK premiere at Grimm Up North back in 2010, where it wowed audiences with its badass punk rock attitude and ad-hoc outrageousness. So we’ve been chasing the follow-up, AMERICAN MARY, since it was in the pre-production stage. And it’s been worth the effort.

The Twins attain a whole new level of twistedness with this darkly funny and at times deeply disturbing dissection of the cult of beauty, cosmetic surgery addiction, body image and body modification. Combining the visceral body horror and powerful emotional impact of early Cronenberg with a cold-eyed, cruel sense of camp, it features a standout lead performance from horror icon Katherine Isabelle, and puts the Soskas squarely at the forefront of contemporary horror filmmaking.

9.00pm – 10.50pm SINISTER
‘A True Crime author, researching a new book, moves his family into a house in which several murders were committed. A box of Super 8 film reels discovered in the attic reveals that there is something a whole lot darker at work than he anticipated…’

The new film from EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE Director Scott Derrickson and PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES producer Jason Blum, this rings some neat changes on old-school haunted house movies, combining expert use of an eerie location, with an unnerving use of “found footage” to create a subtly creepy atmosphere of sustained and escalating terror, that grounds its supernatural elements with naturalistic performances and deft, credible characterisation from its strong cast. Prepare to feel your flesh creeping.

sinister 2012 poster UK

Thursday 4th Oct
6.40pm – 8.15pm COMEDOWN
‘A bunch of South-East London teens break into an abandoned, condemned tower block to install an aerial for a Pirate Radio Station, and to “get mashed” on pills and Special Brew. But they soon realise there is someone else in the building with them who means them harm. And it isn’t just a bunch of hoodies from a rival posse. They are about to face a truly brutal “comedown” from their high…’A bold and bloody stab at translating the US Teen Slasher movie into a very different social milieu, from the director of Kidulthood. Swapping the leafy suburban neighbourhoods and university campuses of West Coast America for the council estates of South East London and the traditional Old Dark House for a crumbling concrete tower block, this is a very British, very urban take on the genre, with a street-smart young cast, a shadowy, oppressive location, and a series of inventive, cruel, well-staged deaths. Those of you who enjoyed Kidulthood and its sequel won’t need our recommendation… and those of you who didn’t will surely enjoy watching similar sorts of characters die horribly onscreen…8.15pm – 8.35pm COMEDOWN Q+A8.40 pm – 10.10pm COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES
A gang of bank robbers must battle their way out of a zombie-infested London… Do what? You’re having a laugh, aintcha? Bad enough they get continually caricatured as leery rhyming slang-spouting gangsters, but now they’ve got flesh-eating undead to contend with as well.The clue to both the storyline and the narrative tone of this one is in the title – a (self-) mocking, mockney monster mash-up, with a severed tongue firmly in its rotting cheek, this takes an all-star cast of venerable comic character actors, and puts them square in the path of an undead, flesh-eating horde. Get ready for gun-wielding geezers, gore and giggles galore. Cushty.10.10pm –10.30pm COCKNEYS Q+A

Cockneys Vs. Zombies

10.40pm –12.20pm SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE
‘Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) has spent the last few years in an asylum, following a nervous breakdown, caused by high school bullying. Now he’s out at last, living with his possessive mother (Karen Black) and trying to rebuild his life with. Unfortunately, the various Jocks and bullies who caused his breakdown are still out there, mean and macho as ever. Somebody needs to make them pay. In blood.’

Exec-Produced by the legendary John Landis, directed by the man responsible for Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus and with a truly all-star Cult Cast, this twisted, yet surprisingly sweet-natured black comedy combines gory stalk-and-slash and sick, deadpan dark humour with the kind of gentle, subtly-nuanced study of dead-end lives in Small-Town America that wins awards at Sundance.

Surprisingly likeable characters, pitch-perfect performances, and a sharp script from former Scrubs writer Ryan Levin make this movie a real charmer. But just remember – it’s always the charmers that are the most dangerous!
Festival opening night party from 10.40pm onwards.

Friday 5th Oct
7.00pm – 9.30pm NIGHTBREED: CABAL CUT

Film4 Frightfest the 13th
Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut

Expect surprises, shocks and general strangeness, as we celebrate the sinister sixtieth birthday of the macabre maestro himself, Mr Clive Barker with a special screening of NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT.

When VHS copies of two work prints – Barker’s 145 minute mid-1989 cut and an extended 159-minute version – turned up, Russell Cherrington, senior lecturer at the University of Derby, created a composite cut of the film using the additional footage. This is the most complete version of the film available: The Cabal Cut.

At long last, Grimmlins will have a chance to discover for themselves Barker’s original cinematic vision. There’ll be a slew of guest speakers from cast and crew including stars Craig Shaffer, Simon Bamford and Nicolas Vince and a birthday message from the man himself. We may even have some birthday cake…

9.30pm – 10.00pm NIGHTBREED Q+A

10.00pm – 11.30pm SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE
See Above

Saturday 6th Oct
11.00am – 12.35pm WRONG HOUSE
Two dysfunctional families go to view an old house out in the woods, and find themselves in competition for the property. When a terrified girl shows up with her tongue cut out, they try to take her to the hospital, only to discover that none of them can leave the grounds. Little by little it becomes apparent that both families have guilty secrets which connect them to the house and its former occupants…’

Moving house, they say, is one of the most stressful things a person can experience. As a service to any Grimmlins who might be about to take the plunge, we offer this creepy cautionary tale about the risks involved. Making expert use of a single, striking location and an experienced cast, writer / director Eric Hurt cranks up the claustrophobia and escalating sense of helplessness, as his characters begin to realise the extent of the trap they have walked into, and that in such an enclosed space hell really is other people…

12.45pm – 2.10pm WAKE UP AND DIE
‘A young woman wakes up in bed with a man, with only the vaguest recollection of how she got there. As she tries to piece things together, various scenarios play out. Are they her imagination, waking nightmares, or is she locked in some kind of nightmarish time-loop?’

A tense, powerfully acted two hander, set largely in a single room, this bone-chilling study of sexual paranoia and ever-darker narrative possibilities might best be described as GROUNDHOG DAY for serial killers. Unbearably claustrophobic, like being trapped within an endless series of waking nightmares, each more vivid and more horrifying than the last, it builds to a truly unforgettable climax of violence and horror.

Film4 Frightfest the 13th2.20pm – 3.50pm THE DEVIL RIDES OUT
‘Occultist Nicholas, Duc de Richleau, discovers that the son of an old family friend, Simon Aron, has become involved in black magic and fallen in with a satanic cult headed by Richleau’s old enemy Mocata. Can he rescue Simon before it is too late?’

Widely regarded as one of the true masterpieces of Hammer’s golden era, this classic version of Dennis Wheatley’s famous novel features director Terence Fisher at the peak of his considerable game, a sharp, intelligent screenplay from the great Richard Matheson, the mighty Christopher Lee in a rare heroic role, and a truly hateful villain in the eminently hissable Charles Gray. Grimm is delighted to be presenting an opportunity to see this much-loved film on the big screen, and we are hoping that Patrick Mower, who pays Simon Aron will be joining us for a Q&A afterwards.

3.50pm – 4.20pm THE DEVIL RIDES OUT Q+A

4.30pm – 6.10pm BEFORE DAWN THE OTHER SIDE (Short)
‘An estranged couple’s vacation to deserted country cottage in an attempt to save their troubled relationship goes awry when they find themselves under attack…’

“EMMERDALE and SHAMELESS Stars in Zombie Massacre!” The attention-grabbing tabloid headline pretty much writes itself. But look beyond it. Turns out that Dominic Brunt, best known as village vet Paddy Kirk in Emmerdale, is a huge horror enthusiast, with a particular enthusiasm for Zombies. As is his wife Joanne Mitchell. Shot largely in their own home, this very personal project is a real labour of love for them both – a low-key, emotionally harrowing study of a marriage in meltdown in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, focusing as much on character as carrion-chewing carnage, BEFORE DAWN offers a bone-chilling exploration of whether love really is stronger than death. We’ll be joined by Dominic, Joanne and their co-star Nicky Evans for a Q&A after the screening.

6.10pm – 6.40pm BEFORE DAWN Q+A

Film4 Frightfest the 13th6.50pm – 8.30pm ATTACK OF THE WEREWOLVES
‘After 15 years away, Tomas, an unsuccessful writer, returns to the village of Arga in his native Galicia, supposedly to get an award. In reality, however, he is needed there to end a curse that has been hanging over the village for the past hundred years.’

Achieving the same masterful balance of black comedy and genuine chills as the classic AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, Juan Martinez Moreno’s macabre, gory and mordantly funny tribute to the classic werewolf films of Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy, and to the Universal horror movies that inspired him, has been a huge hit in Spain. Moreno knows his horror movies, and has fun playing with audience expectations at every twist and turn, as the film builds to a truly outrageous climax. Fast, furious, with winning characters, deadpan dialogue and a cool dog, this one will have Grimmlins howling at the moon for more. Director Juan Martinez Moreno will be joining us for a Q&A after the screening.

8.30pm – 8.50pm AOTW (Q+A)

8.50pm – 10.25pm SURPRISE FILM

10.35pm – 12.20pm CURSED BASTARDS
‘A sinister healer works his magic against all of those who would cross him. This selection of macabre cautionary tales reveals the fates of the various “cursed bastards” who do…’

From DEAD OF NIGHT to THE THEATRE BIZARRE, horror cinema has always been drawn to the portmanteau film, and so has the programming team here at Grimm Towers. With its heady mix of sleazy sex, Santeria, vicious gangsters and vengeful garden gnomes, this astonishing and outrageous Argentine compilation of cruel cautionary tales commended itself to us at once. Let’s face it, though, who could resist a film with that title?

Sunday 7th Oct
11.00am-12.40pm TWISTED
‘A drug dealer dating an emotionally unstable young girl behind his wife’s back, two conmen trying to turn over a new leaf, and two air stewards, out for a night of debauchery. All are headed for disaster, as their lives and fates intersect in an unexpected and disturbing fashion…’

Three twisted histories of twisted people, cruelly intertwined, a morality tale for amoral times, this disturbing, darkly funny little gem certainly lives up to its name in both attitude and narrative structure. Stylishly shot, inventively told, bone-crunchingly brutal, genuinely outrageous and with black humour and bad attitude to burn this marks out director Chai Yee Wai as a serious talent to watch. He claims his next movie will be a Romantic Comedy. We’ll believe that when we see it – and we DO want to see it. And after seeing this film, so will you.

12.55pm – 2.25pm BASKET CASE
‘Meet Duane. He’s an affable enough fellow in his way. Shy, well meaning, bit of a bumpkin. He seems perfectly harmless, doesn’t he? Just don’t ask him what – or is it WHO? – he keeps in that basket…’

A twisted tale of Siamese siblings, one clean cut, sane, and relatively normal, the other a hideous, psychotic lump of twisted, malevolent deformity, Frank Henenlotter’s jaw-dropping debut feature is a bone fide cult classic of 80s straight-to-video outrageousness. Grimm Up North are delighted to offer a rare chance to see this much-loved movie monstrosity on the big screen in all of its gory, grotesque, hilarious glory.

Below Zero2.40pm – 4.10pm BELOW ZERO
‘A screenwriter attempts to overcome writer’s block by having himself shut away in a meat locker in the middle of nowhere for a week, in the belief that with nothing to distract him, he will finally finish his long-overdue second screenplay. As he starts to write, however, the boundaries between reality and imagination become increasingly blurry.’

A (literally) chilling study of the often sociopathic nature of the creative process, this tricky psychological thriller plays increasingly unsettling and disorientating games with appearance and reality, until the viewer is not only uncertain, but actually afraid of what to believe. Boasting striking, wintery visuals, sharp dialogue in a script that constantly shifts the floor from under you, a smart, slippery lead performance from Edward Furlong, and an extraordinary turn by one of horror’s most distinctive, iconic presences, Michael Berryman – who has described the film as “some of my best work” – this is a sure-fire future classic. In an unsettling example of life imitating art, or vice-versa, screenwriter and producer Signe Olynyk, actually arranged to have herself physically locked in the meat freezer of an abandoned, remote slaughterhouse to write a script. This is how and where the story developed, and how the location for the film was discovered. Signe will be joining us for the screening, and to discuss her own creative process. Join her if you dare.

4.10pm – 4.30pm BELOW ZERO Q&A

4.45pm – 6.10pm RITES OF SPRING
‘Two young women are captured by a farmer who intends to sacrifice them to something nasty in the woodshed. Meanwhile, a band of ne’er-do-wells determine to kidnap the daughter of a millionaire former employer and hold her to ransom. Two seemingly unconnected narratives, headed for a violent collision…’

An elegant example of genre splicing, combining mean-spirited, gripping, gritty crime drama with down on the farm rural gothic, this debut feature from Ti West associate Padraig Reynolds is the latest offering from America’s new wave of independent horror filmmakers. Boasting an intelligent, unsettling use of location and music, sharp dialogue, strong performances from the inimitable AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey (YELLOW BRICK ROAD, THE SIGNAL), and Katherine Randolph (KNIFEPOINT), this tight, tense, troubling little movie will leave you panting for more.

6.25pm – 7.25pm HIM IN DOORS + Q&A
Agoraphobic serial killer finds himself faced with an awkward situation when his date comes around a day early…

Weak men dominated by their mothers and scared of their attraction to beautiful women are a staple of horror cinema, dating back at least as far as PSYCHO. And they’ve been a staple of British comedy for even longer. What’s surprising is that no-one has made the connection before. This, then, is a very British black comedy of serial killers and social embarrassment. And how could we resist any film that brings Papa Lazarou face to face with “The Woman”?

7.35pm – 8.30pm SHORT FILM SHOW CASE

8.30pm – 10.00pm STITCHES

‘A clown comes back from the dead to haunt those who caused his death during a fatal party mishap.’

There’s something not right about clowns. The forced laughter, the painted on smile, the white face make up. They terrify small children and let’s face it, nobody actually feels comfortable around them. One of America’s most notorious serial killers, John Wayne Gacy performed as a clown, because, as he explained, “Clowns can get away with murder.” The evil clown has become a horror archetype to rank alongside vampires, werewolves and zombies, and offers far more opportunities for black comedy. Director Conor McMahon and stars Tommy Knight and Ross Noble take those opportunities and runs with them, offering splatter-satire and twisted laughs a plenty as Stitches goes on his merry little massacre. We are hoping that Tommy and Ross will be joining us after the screening for a Q&A.

10.00pm …. STITCHES Q+A

Everyone of Grimmfest 2012’s movies is a premiere of some sort, be it World (COMEDOWN) or Manchester (COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES). Get your tickets Here.


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