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Frightfest 2011 is here, so why not amp up Deadheads movie cheese markus taylor interviewthe anticipation by reading our final Deadheads interview with Markus Taylor, or ‘Cheese’ as he’s more affectionately known (by zombies).

Q: Where does your character (Cheese) fit in with the wild ride that is Deadheads?

A: He has been described as the heart of the film. I tend to think of him as Brett and Mike’s dog. Very loyal , faithful and protective. By the end you really genuinely care for Cheese. Which is what Brett and Drew intended when they wrote him, I think.

Q: Had becoming a zombie always been one of your life goals?

A: Definitely, but I wanted to be a zombie like Fido, you know, a zombie the audience could connect with and understand even though there isn’t a lot of verbal communication. I also wanted to be a football star and a super hero. Still workin on those, I’m not giving up.

Q: Why is he called Cheese? Is it something to do with the smell?

A: I stink!!!! I went a little further in the decomp area before they started doing experiments on me. I like to think of it as a really heavy musk with some wood undertones. The ladies dig that. It’s all about how you package yourself my friend, all about how you package yourself.

Q: Can you offer any tips to any wannabe zombies (or zombie impersonators) out there? – Best way to achieve a zombie moan etc…

A: The only thing I can say is to know what you want and let your groan come from the gut. It has to be guttural or else no one will believe it. And who is going to run from a zombie that they don’t believe is actually going to eat them. Which wouldn’t be that bad if you were tired but where’s the sport in that. There is nothing like the thrill of the chase. Remember: Know what you want, it has to come from the gut. (If you still have a gut. If not, make it really loud.)

cheese deadheads markus taylor

Q: How did Deadheads compare to your previous acting experiences?

A: It was horribly wonderful. Long days and nights. Extremely cold and hot days. I liken it to being in boot camp (Which I’ve had a first hand experience with.) You get a group of strangers together and they bond over one common goal. In this case, finishing Deadheads. You become family. It leaves you with an eternal bond. Something you’ll never forget.

Q: Was making Deadheads an adventure in itself?

A: Adventure is a slight understatement. We had a small cast and crew, tons of locations and limited time. Plus I was blind through the entire shoot which added another degree of difficulty. But I really love a great adventure so I was all in..

Q: And how do you think your friends/loved ones will feel when confronted with your re-animated corpse on screen?

A: Astonishment at first. But they are gonna love me. I mean who doesn’t love cheese?

Q: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for love, and did it involve zombies?

A: I think everyone is a zombie when it comes to love. We have no thoughts and only one driving force. But instead of brains it’s to get the other persons attention. The craziest thing I did was when I in fourth grade. I jumped off a two story roof onto a picnic table because it impressed her. I split my lip but she was mine from that point on. Well for like two weeks before I feel in love with someone else. OH, grade school romance!!!!

Q: If you met a zombie, what would be the first thing that you would say/do?

A: Well my first instinct would be to hug one. But of he/she tried to bite me I would have to give he/she a kill shot to the head. You’re really helping them out if you put them out of their misery.

markus taylor michael mckiddy ross kidder deadheads

Q: Are you afraid of anything?

A: I am pretty frightened of roller coasters. I have a fear of them coming off the track. I had a traumatic experience as a child. I will still ride them, but I get a little frightened before getting on.

Q: So, you’ve tried being a zombie. What sort of horror creature do you fancy being next?

A: I’m the prefect size for Frankenstein. I think I that would be a lot of fun.

Q: To method act a role like this what kind of stuff would you suggest somone does?

A: Not eat, shower or communicate with anyone. Basically hang out at cemeteries, chase random strangers through streets growling (Gutturally.) If you have to eat, consume nothing but raw meat. All that is just a start.

Q: Can we probe your zombie mind with a zombie pop quiz?

A: Absolutely. Let’s do this.


Zombie Pop quiz

Q: What do you think would be the easiest way to get to those sweet, delicious brains?

A: Well you grab the head and give it a quick twist and slam it down on the ground. That should crack it open just enough. The brains seep out ever so slowly and just tease the taste buds. Then you can pull the rest of the head apart with your hands. So much fun and so tasty.

Q: If there was a shortage of human meat, which urban animals would you feast upon?

A: That’s a tricky one. A lot of those animals are really fast. I would have to say birds at first, because they are already in cages. I’d probably move on to cats and last but not least dogs. But I might have a problem with dogs because they are my favorite.

Q: What tips would you give to other zombies out there for a long and healthy afterlife?

A: Find some friends and stay with them. Stay in groups. It’s safer in numbers. NO matter how nice you are someone is always trying to off you. Humans just don’t understand us.

deadheads cheese markus taylor

Q: If asked to, would you play a zombie again?

A: Most definitely.

Q: What’s next for you? Deadheads 2 perhaps?

A: There are some rumblings in the FroBro camp. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Deadheads will be screening at Frightfest on Monday August 29th. You’d have to be a Deadhead to miss it!!


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