Walled In Competition.

walled-in_still Fancy tickets to the Festival of Fantastic Films in Machester? Want your own copy of Walled In on DVD? Read on and you could end up with both!

Mischa Barton and Cameron Bright star in WALLED IN, a psychological horror based on the best-selling French novel Les Emmures.  walled-in_rev
This gritty horror thriller will have your heart pounding in your ears as is now available on DVD.
To celebrate the release we are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a pair of tickets to a special screening of WALLED IN at The Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester (http://fantastic-films.com/festival/) on Friday 16 October.
In addition they will win a copy of the DVD.

For your chance to get hold of these great prizes, simply answer the question below:


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