Dark Crimes Competition

Every crime reveals a story in this bold, unsettling Euro noir thriller starring a startlingly different Jim Carrey as a hardboiled detective in a story where the question isn’t whether you’ll uncover dark secrets, but when.

Dark CrimesJim Carrey commands the screen in this exciting new direction for the iconic actor, bringing to life a broken and well-weathered detective desperate to fan the last passionate ember that remains before his self-destruction. Carrey more than holds his own even opposite the equally powerful Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marton Csokas, whose own stand-out performance conjures a charismatic, yet tormenting antagonist who is as unpredictable as the twisted story.

To celebrate the release of Dark Crimes on DVD and download from 9th July. we’re giving away a copy of the DVD to one of you lucky readers. Just enter the contest below.

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You can pre-order Dark Crimes today: Order today: https://amzn.to/2IfxDbm


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