After floating adrift in deep space for many years aboard the Sulaco, Jonesy eventually crashed to earth. The cryogenic suspension was de-activated and what emerged from the wreckage was a highly evolved, alien hybrid feline... More

Comedy Horror Monsters

Infestation (2009) Review

It’s hard to become enthused about another blood and chuckle fest, the sheer quantity of these movies is enough to cause a coronary embolism. Many filmmakers are yet to realise that comedy is hard and horror is even harder, the combination of the two has to be intricately balanced and carefully crafted.Read More

Aliens Gore

District 9 (2009) Review

Welcome to District 9, an alien slum within Johannesburg where voodoo gangsters consume extraterrestrial flesh, cat food is the ultimate commodity and a monolithic spaceship hovers motionless in the sky. This is the brilliant, chimerical creation of Neil Blomkamp, a twenty something, South African born director and technical wizard. Nurtured by film making veteran Peter […]Read More

Cults Thriller

Martyrs (2008)

Here’s an interesting thought, imagine if you will that Mary Whitehouse is still alive and that The Festival of Light continues to eviscerate and scarify the cinema of today. Now envisage how they would react when faced with the unequivocally disturbing Martyrs, a film to which graphic violence is integral. Like Pasolini, Peckinpah, Preminger and […]Read More


Let the Right One In (2008) Review

In 1987’s vampire romp Near Dark the immortal child, Homer asks ‘Y’have any idea what it’s like to be a big man on the inside and have a small body on the outside?’ A fun idea which is explored to a far greater extent in the brutal and brilliant, Let the Right One In. Our […]Read More

Psycho Slasher

Bundy: A Legacy of Evil (2009)

Bundy: A Legacy of Evil regards, funnily enough, the life of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. It chronicles his path from confused youngster to mentally ill mass murderer. This is also one of the most fundamentally unwatchable films I have ever had the displeasure to review. Bundy… isn’t just a bad movie, it is a […]Read More

Ghosts Monsters

Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror (2006)

There is something undeniably endearing about Snoop Doggy Dog, from his tendency to use ‘izzle’ as a suffix, to his relentless and successful domination of every art form and merchandising opportunity conceivable, it’s not hard to see why he is such an enduring figure in our culture. Conclusively, it only makes sense to see grand […]Read More