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Golden oldies get the Love Horror treatment

Love Horror NewsAfter asking for some suggestions from our Love Horror readers, there was one idea put forward that we particularly liked.
We’re going to start reviewing the real oldies, the black and white (and in some cases, silent) horror movies.
We’re looking to start things off with the original Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Nosferatu (1922), so keep an eye on Love Horror for this new, exciting feature.

Feel free to email us with any other good ideas that you have for our site.


22 January 2010

New Love Horror site

It’s finally finished! After many months of planning and fiddling about with code, Love Horror 2.0 is here.
Moving away from the blog site that we had before, we now have more of a ‘magazine’ style for our content.

The site has changed a bit, so we hope that you can still find your way around.
In addition to the usual reviews and interviews, we still have the competitions and even a trailer area so that you can watch clips from featured movies.

2010 is already looking busy, so we hope that you’re prepared for even more horror movie reviews, spoken impartially, straight from the zombies mouth!

28th May 2009

Love Horror Bites

Love Horror bites are a new style of review. Reserved for reviewing the all time classic horror movies, 3 reviewers from our team put in a quick summary of their thoughts.

This makes it easy for you to read, and helps us to cover the older, more widely known classic films without having to go into too much unnecessary detail.

Check out the first offering, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

18th May 2009

Back from the dead

Yes, we’re back. As you may have noticed, over recent weeks we have had many problems, due to a large scale hacking attack on our small network of web-sites.
Thankfully we were able to save and re-instate the content, but it wasn’t easy.

Hopefully Halloweenerrific will be back online very soon too.

Apologies for anyone who may have inadvertently picked up a virus from visiting us during those turbulent times.
Rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that it NEVER happens again!

8th April 2009


Today Love Horror published its first interview. It’s not something that we’re planning to do on a regular basis, but if the opportunity arises and we feel the film warrants it, we’ll give you that extra content.

Check out our first offering, as Zombie 2 quizzes 3 of those involved in the production of British chiller Dead Wood.

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