Zombie2Once a regular human named Alex, Zombie2 now has little recollection of his former life.
After being ‘turned’ by a walking cadaver back in the early nineties, Zombie2 was taken in by a group of journalists as a tea boy. After soon realising that Zombie2 had more to offer than good tea (the added brains was the key to his cuppa), the journalists gave him his own PC, and web access to enable him to review horror movies online.
Zombie2 quickly became best friends with Zombie1 when they realised they had a shared love of brains, blood, body parts and horror movies. He now loves nothing more than watching horror movies (especially the lame ones – purely for amusement) whist eating human entrails and taking notes for his regular entries on the site.

You can read examples of Zombie2’s work here:
Reviews by Zombie2

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