Zombie1Zombie1’s origins are mysterious. No one is quite sure where he came from, or when, or why.
Some say he was once called Tom but others find this idea ridiculous.
He (or it) gained promotion to ‘editor’ soon after arriving at Love Horror. Although his quality of work is high and his commitment to horror is boundless, what really cemented his role in the team was when he ate the former editor.
Zombie1 and Zombie2 are now so used to each other’s company, that they can be left unsupervised to run the whole site – thus giving the rest of us plenty of time to go to the pub and generally slack off.
Zombie1 particularly likes the ‘classics’ where horror is concerned, and can often be heard moaning about how much better things were ‘in the old days’.

You can read examples of Zombie1’s work here:
Reviews by Zombie1

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