WolfmanWith all the computer problems we have here at Love Horror, such as poltergeist ridden PC’s and zombies chewing on the wiring, we decided to get ourselves an I.T guy to solve them.
The mysterious man we employed was excellent, however he was also very hairy, had an odd obsession with dog food and always ran out of work as soon as the sun went down.
It wasn’t till we forced him to stay over night installing some vampire-proof, garlic infused, antiviral software that we discovered his scary secret. Coming back later that evening we discovered that not only had we hired a lycanthrope, but one who loved horror films.

After reading some of his howling articles we fired him as our computer nerd and hired him as a reviewer, giving him his own kennel with Wi-Fi, hiding all our silverware and making sure we set all his deadlines for when the moon was full or else he wouldn’t get anything done.

You can read examples of Wolfman’s work here:
Reviews by Wolfman

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