The Baron

The BaronWhile holidaying in a remote and ancient area of Eastern Europe, LoveHorror decided it would be fun to try and resurrect the decomposing corpse of a cruel sorcerer Baron from the 1500’s you know just for a laugh.
After gathering the local gypsies together in his mausoleum, sacrificing a few goats and performing the ancient blood rites from the book of the dammed the Baron was reborn before our very eyes, a sight which trumped the rest of the holiday sight seeing expeditions no end.
Grateful if a little confused The Baron took us all back to his castle to celebrate his rebirth day with a suckling pig, some excellent 1451 vintage wine and a tour of his torture chamber.
Leaving him to get back to the website we thought we would never hear of the kindly psychopathic millionaire megalomaniac again that was until he sent us a message via carrier raven to declare his interest in writing reviews for the site.
Eager not to unset or anger The Baron for fear of his maniacal wrath we agreed and he sent his first review written on parchment in blood the very next day.
When not writing for LoveHorror The Baron enjoys Baroque opera’s, crochet and the screams of the innocent.

You can read examples of The Baron’s work here:
Reviews by The Baron

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