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Slasher Fan is a fan of slashers. You could say he is the ‘ultimate’ fan because he took his love to a whole new level, a level made out of body parts and battered brains and covered in gore.
Growing up in a small town, from an early age everyone around him lectured him on the evils of horror movies, preaching and protesting against the perversion pressed into each petrifying picture and the carnage they could create in his already fragile mind.
However, the more they moaned and the harder they heckled, even banning him from watching any scary movies, the stronger his desire grew. He indulged his passion in private, secretly learning everything and anything he could about slasher films.
He read about slasher films, talked about slasher films, wrote his own slasher films, he even dreamed of slasher films all the while never actually having seen one.
That was until one day in 2003 Slasher Fan heard that a new film was coming out at his local cinema combining two of his all time favorite characters and that film was called Freddy vs. Jason. The excitement was too much. He sneaked out and broke into the local cinema just as the credits played on the film that he had been waiting his life to see.
Wide eyed he watched as the obsession he had spent his entire life learning about was finally fulfilled in filmic form on the humungous screen. Sadly however the film could never live up to the fantasy he had created in his now deranged and damaged mind. This made Slasher Fan mad and there was only one thing left he could do – kill everyone in the cinema.
Now on the run from the police, Slasher Fan has dedicated his life to watching any and all horror films (especially slashers) and sending us reviews while occasionally stalking a nubile teenage victim or picking off a group of wayward teenagers.
And who says movies don’t teach you anything.

You can read examples of Slasher Fan’s work here:
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