Rowan Morrison

RowanMany people know the story of the young girl who grew up on the idyllic Summerisle and suddenly disappeared leading to a police investigation by both Sergeant Neil Howie and Policeman Edward Malus both with disturbing and dire results (although many believed Malus was asking for it!)

Few however know what happened next but we here at LoveHorror do because she ended up working for us. Having fled to the mainland and made her way across country to London she grew up and after dabbling with a few professions including wicker basket weaving, wicket making, wicker chair repair and being a Wican she realised her true calling, writing horror reviews.

We instantly gave her a job not just for her in depth knowledge of films but also her lovely singing voice, animal mask making skills and expert farming knowledge and although we always have to give her time off for May Day celebrations to head back home she always takes a member of the team along with her and they must enjoy themselves as they never come back.

You can read examples of Rowan Morrison’s work here:
Reviews by Rowan Morrison

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