Mister Fancypants

 Mister Fancypants Fancypants by name, fancy pants by nature, for apart from a pair of brightly coloured, amazingly detailed, seemingly haunted Y-fronted pants no one has ever seen the man whose reviewing moniker is Mister Fancypants.
Appearing when you least expect the bewitched boxers float around the office driven by the will to document all things horror even though these possessed pants seemingly have no hands or fingers to write with.
Some say he was a mad scientist who developed an invisibility serum which he then tested on himself while in a state of undress with horrific results, others say he is the vengeful ghost of an underwear model who was murdered wearing said pants on a photo shoot but only he knows the truth.
Whoever or whatever he is all we know here at Love Horror is he loves horror and that’s all we care about.

You can read examples of Mister Fancypants’ work here:
Reviews by Mister Fancypants

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