Mad Woman in the Attic

The Mad Woman In The AtticA few months back, the office that we rent had a heating problem.
As most of the pipe work runs through the ceiling space, an engineer was called to get through the maintenance hatch and fix the issue. Minutes after he got to work, there was a loud scream and his tool bag fell to the office floor, soaked in blood. It was then that we realised that we had our own crazed lunatic in the attic. Before calling the police, one of our number had the great idea to pass her up a lap-top and see if she was any good at reviewing horror films. “The more unpaid reviewers we can get, the less work we have to do” he said. And he was right. Sadly for him, he was pulled up into the attic-space with the lap-top and chopped into little pieces.
The Mad Woman In The Attic turned out to be a great find though, and now writes for us whenever she can escape her loft-like prison.

You can read examples of Mad Woman in the Attic’s work here:
Reviews by Mad Woman in the Attic

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