MacReadyWhen you’re stuck outdoors in the frozen Antarctic, for months on end with no food or water, after surviving a horrific life and death encounter with a parasitic extraterrestrial life form that kills and assimilates other organisms (including all your friends) and then imitates them with disturbing and grotesque results, you have a lot of time to think.
This was MacReady’s situation and having experienced this nightmarish attack from the thing from outer space, he spent the time between extended periods drifting in and out of consciousness thinking about horror and films.
Coincidentally at the same time, the Love Horror staff where on a team building exercise in the South Pole hunting for the Abominable Snowman. Although we didn’t find the Yeti we did find MacReady who we flew back with us to London after giving him a blanket, a hot cup of coca and a blood test.
MacReady was most grateful to be working somewhere with slightly warmer weather than his previous job and has become a great reviewer, just don’t give him any alien films or else he’ll start having flashbacks.

You can read examples of MacReady’s work here:
Reviews by MacReady

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