Kill R B Killed

Kill R B KilledBeing a survivalist you have to learn how to survive. ‘Kill or be killed’ is not only a necessity it’s a way of life hence the decision for one man to adopt the moniker after fighting his way through an endless torrent of the undead when he found himself in a world overtaken by a zombie virus. Death, violence, blood, zombies, guts and brains became his day to day life until that is one day when he discovered that the apocalypse had ended and life had returned back to normal.
Finding himself somewhat at odds with the real world Kill R B Killed attempted to reintegrate himself into society but failed miserably. Sniper marksmanship, machete wielding and an emotionless unfeeling attitude to killing your reanimated loved ones where life skills that didn’t really fit well on his C.V when he applied to work at Tesco’s or the children’s day care center.
Luckily for him they worked perfectly for a job reviewing for LoveHorror and we snapped Kill R B Killed up instantly finding that he was as happy writing about horror as he was living through it.

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