GremlinThe mischievous imp behind most of our Hor-Rant posts, this green scaly guy loves nothing more than creating chaos and making mayhem.
He wasn’t always like this, oh no. You see, way back when we first started the site we thought it would be nice to get an office pet. Heading to Chinatown, the most obvious place to buy a LoveHorror mascot, we found an old antiques shop where a wise sold man sold us a creature which turned out not to be a rare breed of cat, but in fact a Mogwai.
Giving us three specific instructions never expose it to bright lights, never to get it wet; and never feed it after midnight we took it back to our office and stayed up past 12 playing with our new pet in our indoor pool while feeding it Cornish pasties.

And thus Gremlin was born and after destroying our serves, urinating in our coffee and crashing the site on numerous occasions we locked him in the cleaning cupboard. With only partial internet access, he now vents his anarchic frustration and badly behaved beliefs on all things horror related.

You can read examples of Gremlin’s work here:
Reviews by Gremlin

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