Doctor Caligari

Doctor CaligariOn a cold winters morning the doorbell of Love Horror’s haunted offices rang and we opened the security gates to find that we had received delivery of a very old, very large German cabinet.
On opening we discovered that it contained the deranged Doctor Caligari, who had escaped the insane asylum he was running, looking for a better life in England writing horror reviews for us.
After a brief interview where the doctor dazzled us with his extensive knowledge of somnambulism, silent cinema, the expressionist movement and the movies of Clive Barker we offered him a job. Picking up the language and the modern technology extremely quickly, Doctor Caligari now spends his time with us reviewing horror which he far prefers to performing at carnivals.
He has become a part of the furniture at Love Horror, much like his cabinet.

You can read examples of Doctor Caligari’s work here:
Reviews by Doctor Caligari

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