Cut n Slash

Cut and SlashA lot of horror films involve a lot of cutting and slashing. So when we received the curriculum vitae of the man known only as ‘Cut and Slash’ asking if he could write us some reviews, we emailed him back straight away.
Although he said he was busy stalking several teenagers in a small town in middle America, he had taken off his mutilated mask made of mole skin and mud and written us some reviews which he was eager we read.
We received the pieces of his work several days later written in knife marks across the back of a headless torso and decided then and there to invite him to join the gang, through a combined sense of awe and fear at his style and skills.

A fanatical fan of all horror films especially slashers, there are no movies Cut and Slash will not watch, be them sick and depraved torture porn or terribly made monster movies. He will deliver his critique to us usually transcribed on a dismembered body part hidden around the office – just to keep us on edge.

You can read examples of Cut n Slash’s work here:
Reviews by Cut n Slash

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