Count Orlok

Count OrlokIt is safe to say that the internet is everywhere these days. Cables, satellites, wifi and miniature mechanical magic even extend the wicked world wide web to a vast castle hidden among the rugged peaks in a lost corner of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. It is here that the man known as Count Orlok once dwelt.
The reason we know this is that Orlok, or Nosferatu to his friends, found our horror loving site while surfing one day. Being a fan of the darker side of humanity contacted us with an offer we could no refuse to write reviews.

Orlok hates the sun but loves nothing more than watching horror movies jumping straight onto his ipad to tap out a review with his frighteningly fast elongated digits. A man of few words the Count may look scary but he’s really a softy at heart. He’s also a great practical joker always popping up when you least expect it primarily in other staff members bedrooms late at night.

You can read examples of Count Orlok’s work here:
Reviews by Count Orlok

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