Bloody Hand

bloody-scratch“Bloody hand!” – this is both what we said and what we saw when we first encountered the reviewer known as Bloody Hand. The reason for our outraged outburst was that the entire Love Horror offices where covered in thick red congealed human plasma, even the coffee maker.

Just as we where deciding whether to call a cleaner or a hungry vampire we had recently hired, we realised that the random red splatters covering the walls, floors, doors, computer screens, ceilings and slightly shocked receptionist where not random at all but actually a very detailed and exceedingly polite letter of introduction along with an excellent horror movie review.

Of course we hired Bloody Hand on the spot not that we ever got to meet him as still to this day his identity is a mystery however its not stopped him writing for us and instead of a desk we have a large white washed bare wall where he leaves his musings every month finger painted in what we hope is ketchup but dare not taste.

You can read examples of Bloody Hand’s work here:
Reviews by Bloody Hand

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