About the team

Love Horror is only possible because of the efforts of a talented bunch of decaying ghouls, psychopaths and mutated abominations.

They may be evil/terrifying/purifying but we love them. And rather than encourage them to stay immersed in the shadows, hiding their identities from the outside world, we decided to put together some short profiles to tell you more about them.

The Love Horror Team


Tom Atkinson
Alex Humphrey

Main Contributors

Darren Gaskell
Hayley Roberts
Sam Casserly
Sam Draper
Jonjo Lyons

Other Contributors

Gremlin PR Monster
Mrs Voorhees The Templar
Evil Incarnate Mrs Creed
Anaemic Oracle Mr T. Fright
The Baron Kill R B Killed
Mister Fancypants Brundlefly
Wolfman Cut ‘n’ Slash
Jack-o-Lantern MacReady
Doctor Caligari Deadite
Jonesy the Cat The Mad Woman In The Attic
Count Orlok Slasher Fan
Rowan Morrison Bloody Hand
Jack Torrance Trapdoor Terror
Evil Incarnate Gravesend Gore


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