If you like your horror ‘stalky’ and ‘stabby’ then you’ll want to peruse our list of the Top 10 Slasher Films. There’s something for every slasher fan here from golden oldies to cutting edge new stuff, with an emphasis on the ‘cutting.

Top 10 Slasher Films

  1. Halloween (1978)
  2. Michael Myers wants to carve you like a pumpkin.

  3. Scream (1996)
  4. Non-stop action in Wes Craven’s modern take on the slasher movie.

  5. Friday the 13th (1980)
  6. The film that first made camping in the woods seem like a terrifying prospect.

  7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
  8. Freddy comes after teens in their dreams wearing his deadly clawed glove.

  9. Maniac (2012)
  10. The remarkable remake of a contraversial slasher film.

  11. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)
  12. A fanatic looks to recreate the acts of his favourite serial killers.

  13. Tourist Trap (1979)
  14. Unwitting travellers come upon a horrific museum of morbid puppets and end up as exhibits.

  15. The Burning (1981)
  16. Urban legends come true as Cropsy seeks revenge on teenage campers.

  17. Psycho (1960)
  18. Classic Hitchcock and one of the most iconic horror scenes of all time.

  19. My Bloody Valentine (1981)
  20. Seduction and slaughter down in the Canadian mines as a vengeful killer seeks retribution.

top 10 slasher films

Top 10 Slasher Films Trailers

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That was our list of the best Slasher films. Was it brutal enough for you or are you thirsty for more? Why not check out our Top 10 Horror Films and our other Top 10 horror lists below?

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