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Death of Me (2020) Review

*Warning Contains Spoilers* Maggie Q just loves island set horror films. She loves them so much that she has had 2 come out in 2020. Yes thats right while the rest of us have been suffering lockdown she has been jetting around the globe visiting various idyllic isles just to have the wits scared out […]Read More

The Collector (2009) Review

In its style, look, feel, characters and ethos <em>The Collector</em> follows the staples that the <a href="http://lovehorror.co.uk/saw-2004">Saw</a> series has popularised along with scene after scene of inventive nastiness, which will have even the most seasoned horror lover grimacing and squirming in their cinema seats.Read More

Little Shops of Horror – Pumpkin Treats

When you love horror as much as we do you want it to permeate every part of your life, at home, at work, on the walls, on your clothes, everywhere! That is where our regular feature Little Shops of Horror comes in handy as we run through some seriously spooktastic stores and wicked websites ready […]Read More

Films to Watch for Your spooky Friday 13th Movie Weekender

Superstitious folk, the unluckiest day of the year has returned. Friday 13th, what’s the first thing to come to mind? Black cats, bad luck, opening umbrella’s indoors and general bad luck. But don’t let this ruin your day, turn your luck around and stay in tonight with the best new spooky film releases out now […]Read More