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Horror News

Icon and FrightFest combine for FrightFest Presents

Icon Film Distribution (IFD) and FrightFest, the UK’s leading horror fantasy film festival, have entered into an exclusive partnership that will see IFD releasing FrightFest curated films under the banner ‘FrightFest Presents’.Read More »

HORROR FILMS SCREENED AT Edinburgh Int Film Festival 2015

The full details of 2015’s Edinburgh International Film Festival which runs from 17-28 June have been anounuced and we are very please to see some great horror titles in the brilliant film festival.Read More »

Van Damme wants his Kidney back

We all know not to mess with legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme (or stuff like what is pictured on the left happens!) and POUND OF FLESH proves that point plus pain.Read More »

New MAGGIE Trailer

Here is the brand new UK official trailer for the tense, arthouse zombie film, MAGGIE ahead of its Edinburgh Film Festival premiere this Saturday (20th June).Read More »

From legendary director Joe Dante BURYING THE EX

Ace Entertainment Films is pleased to announce that comedy/horror film BURYING THE EX from legendary director Joe Dante (Gremlins, Small Soldiers, Innerspace) will be released digitally in the UK on June 19th 2015.Read More »

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