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Horror News

Grimm's Lord of the Rings Marathon Screening

Grimm Up North Presents: The Lord of The Rings Extended Edition Marathon! Join them at their very own Grimm HQ of Z-film Studios in East Didsbury for a truly epic movie experience.Read More »

Trailer for THE GALLOWS

We are pleased to reveal the first FULL LENGTH TRAILER for THE GALLOWS which arrives in cinemas on July 17, 2015. From Blumhouse Productions (Insidious, Sinister) this release from Warner Bros. Pictures UK marks a return to the truly terrifying for NEW LINE CINEMA.Read More »


A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is the brand new vampire film everyone is talking about and we have the latest poster and trailer to wet your blood thirsts appetite.Read More »

New Video Clip from Poltergeist

The Poltergeist train is gaining momentum and as we get closer to the end of week release date, we get yet another taste of the scares in the form of this latest teaser clip.Read More »

The world’s first “battle-rap musical” comes to Blu-ray & DVD in June!

Just when you thought Sion Sono’s (Why Don’t You Play In Hell?) unique brand of subversive cinema couldn’t get any more out there, he’s back to explode expectations once again as he ventures even further into uncharted cinematic territory with an ingenious hybrid of Yakuza gang-action and hip-hop musical Tokyo Tribe.Read More »

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