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Blue Moon Interview

Blue Moon is an exciting new independent British horror film that’s currently in the works.Read More »

What Zombies do on their days off

Last week the guys from The Generation of Z: Apocalypse took their 20 zombies from the theater show around the streets of London and here are the pictures.Read More »

Interview Christopher Adamson for The Sleeping Room

A genuinely decent British horror film echoing back to the Hammer era, merged with straight edged drama that British films are beloved for The Sleeping Room is a film that will keep you up at night.Read More »

Coolest Movie Firearms

People don’t kill people, guns do! Or is it the other way round? Either way, firearms hold us in a grip of morbid fascination, and filmmakers have never shied away from feeding our appetite for destruction.Read More »

Exclusive Exodus: Gods and Kings Concept Art, Effects Sliders & Competition

Directed by the legendary Ridley Scott Exodus: Gods and Kings is out now and we have not only an exclusive clip of Sigourney Weaver but also a look at some concept art work and effects plus a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of the epic on DVD.Read More »

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