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The Walking Dead Disney Style

When you’ve reached the end of the most recent season of The Walking Dead, you’re going to need something to cheer you up. And if you’re the sort of person that really likes to move from one extreme to the other, you may well turn to a Disney cartoon to lighten your mood. Well thanks more »Read More »

Sponsored Video: The Quiet Ones

It’s a well known saying that you should ‘Watch out for the quiet ones’. And over the coming weeks, those words will be more appropriate than ever as the Hammer produced supernatural thriller The Quiet Ones hits screens nationwide. The Quiet Ones The film stars Jared Harris (Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Mad more »Read More »

Come and See Blind Woman's Curse

Arrow Video is excited to announce the UK Dual Format Blu-ray + DVD release of the Teruo Ishii’s 1970 Japanese cult classic Blind Woman’s Curse which will be available to own in the UK from 31st March. This deluxe edition, which represents the first time the film will be released on any home video format more »Read More »

Anime Horror Blood C: The Last Dark

Following on from the award winning series, Blood C returns with its movie, The Last Dark, in a film that has monsters, lots of violence, a lust for revenge, great visuals and action to boot out on DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 24th March 2014 The next chapter in the story of Blood C! Saya more »Read More »

Make a Pit Stop with Jack Hill's crazy movie

Arrow Video is delighted to announce the latest addition to its roster of Jack Hill movies with the muscular stock car racing melodrama, Pit Stop. Following the release of blaxploitation classic Foxy Brown and the truly one-of-a-kind Spider Baby, Pit Stop has been treated to an all-new restoration (overseen by technical supervisor James White, previously more »Read More »

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