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The Samurai interview with Writer & Director Till Kleinert & stars Pit Bukowski & Michel Diercks

Showing at last years FrightFest Till Kleinert’s amazing movie has stayed with me ever since and now its time for the rest of the world to experience this nightmarish horror thriller.Read More »

A Good Marriage Interview with Stephen King and Joan Allen

A Good Marriage (cert. 15) is released on VOD & Digital on 13th April and arrives on UK DVD on 20th April 2015, courtesy of Grimm Entertainment.Read More »

This Sucks: A Look at Vampires in Film

It’s true, I am a gore hound and with vampire movies (for the majority at least) there just isn’t enough bloodshed involved. Read More »

They Live - John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

Horror films don’t work without music. Imagine Halloween without the theme, Psycho without the string stabs, Class of Nuke ‘Em High without those three songs played over and over and over again. Horror without music is just a bunch of screaming and a few squelchy noises.Read More »

Interview with It Follows lead Maika Monroe

It_Follows_3After hearing from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell (check out the Q&A HERE) its the turn of leading lady Maika Monroe, last seen in The Guest, to face some questions about making this inventive horror, her director and how she got into acting in the first place..Read More »

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