The Passage (AKA Lemon Tree Passage) Review (2014)

sdfdffFilms like Lemon Tree Passage signal the death of the good horror film. So far 2015 has been a mixed bag and Lemon Tree Passage along with previously reviewed titles e.g. Rebound and American Ghost Story fall into the bottom of the barrel.

Lemon Tree Passage is an Australian set “ghost story” surrounding two locals Oscar (Andrew Ryan) and Geordie (Tim Phillips) who introduce three American tourists Maya (Jessica Tovey), Amelia (Pippa Black) and Toby (Tim Pocock) to the legend of Lemon Tree Passage; an infamous road that saw the tragic death of a motorcyclist who supposedly still haunts the area.


As the majority of dim-witted horror movie characters do the group decide to go on a little jaunt in the car with the hope of encountering the mysterious entity. Of course as expected it doesn’t quite go to plan and events typically get nightmarish as the group are taunted and attempt to figure out what’s happening to them.dsfsdf

There’s nothing more disheartening than being presented with a generic, “ghost” story that heavily overcompensates with convoluted ideas due its lack of story. Lemon Tree Passage is rather messy, the plot is incoherent and it’s distracting while being difficult to follow. Rather than a plot, it feels like a trip of segments that don’t quite fit together to create a slick narrative.

The performances are competent enough for the one-dimensional characters, and it’s well shot. The cinematography manages to create some sort of atmosphere; however, the actual scares are lacking making the whole film seem somewhat empty. It’s difficult to invest in a film when the characters are so uninspiring and you don’t care what happens to them or aren’t even affected by the villainous presence.

The main problem with Lemon Tree Passage is its audio. Dialogue was inaudible then in contrast any soundtrack music blasted out. Not an enjoyable experience watching a movie where you’re constantly having to turn the sound up and down.


I completely feel indifference towards Lemon Tree Passage, a decent enough if not over done idea that’s poorly executed.

Movie Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 



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