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What We Do in the Shadows (2014) Review

Like a million other found footage horrors the hilarious and highly original comedy horror What We Do in the Shadows opens with a title card explaining that in 2013 a documentary crew where allowed access to a highly secretive society [...]

April 12, 2015 Comedy Horror, Horror Film Reviews, Vampires

Predestination (2014) Review

From the Spierig Brothers comes Predestination an Australian science-fiction, thriller originally based on the Robert A. Heinlein short story titled –All your Zombies-. [...]

April 9, 2015 Horror Film Reviews, Sci-horror, Thriller

Dark Summer (2015) Review

After being caught stalking a girl from his school Daniel (It Follows Keir Gilchrist) is placed under house arrest as punishment. With a tag on his leg and a police officer on his case Daniel is banned from using any [...]

March 29, 2015 Ghosts, Horror Film Reviews, Psychological, Thriller

Starry Eyes (2014) Review

Hollywood is a hard world that chews you up and spits you out unless you’re prepared to sell your soul for fame and Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer the writer and directors of Starry Eyes have decided to make a [...]

March 25, 2015 Gore, Horror Film Reviews, Possession, Psychological, Thriller

Halo: Nightfall (2014) Review

Halo: Nightfall the ‘movie’ is an edited version of Halo:Nightfall the ‘digital series’ which has been available since late last year for anyone unfortunate enough to buy the half-broken Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. [...]

March 19, 2015 Action, Aliens, Horror Film Reviews, Sci-horror

American Ghost Story (2014) Review

Be forewarned, don’t be fooled by the title or cover art for this 2014 directorial debut from Joseph O’Brien. Metrodome have decided to market this film as if it belongs to the twisted and darkly surreal anthology series American Horror [...]

March 15, 2015 Ghosts, Horror Film Reviews