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Maggie (2015) Review

I have always been a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early movies. Especially the ‘Terminator’ and ‘Predator’, so it was interesting to able to watch, and review him in his latest movie, the zombie inspired ‘Maggie’. [...]

July 24, 2015 Horror Film Reviews, Zombies
The Sky Has Fallen Doug Roos

The Sky Has Fallen (2009) Review

The Sky Has Fallen is a super low budget, independent production produced, directed and even edited by Doug Roos. [...]

July 22, 2015 Horror Film Reviews, Zombies
girlhouse featured

Girlhouse (2014) Review

The dark side of internet pornography is explored in stylish new slasher, Girlhouse. [...]

July 20, 2015 Horror Film Reviews, Slasher

The Human Centipede III [Final Sequence ] (2015) Review

The set-up of the first human centipede film was all too familiar; two pretty girls foolishly trust a kindly stranger who appears on cue when their car breaks down on a deserted strip of woodland road, at night, during a [...]

July 19, 2015 Gore, Horror Film Reviews, Psycho, Psychological

The Voices (2014) Review

With its brilliant cast of well-known names and quirky concept The Voices has been marketed as a comedy horror. [...]

July 16, 2015 Comedy Horror, Gore, Horror Film Reviews, Psycho, Psychological, Slasher
rebound 2014

Rebound (2014) Review

Rebound is the first feature film from writer/director Megan Freels Johnston. [...]

July 14, 2015 Horror Film Reviews, Psychological